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All Donations are Tax Deductible!!Fellowship, Meetings, Dances, and Special Events are just some ofthe activities available for you at The 521 club.
Members enjoy access 24/7 to shoot pool, play cards, watch the gameson the big screen or just hang outwith people in recovery. 

The 521 Club is a Drug and Alcohol free Non-Profit Organization  ​ 

The 521 Club is a safe haven for the recovering community that is home to autonomous groups.

The 521 Club is a self supporting organization relying on it's membership and fundraisers.

Building is available for your event by donation-
see a Board Member for details

We received very little outside help in the form of donations or gifts.
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​ To Join The 521 Club

You must have 30 days sober
The cost is less then .33 a day $25.00 for the first 3 months $10.00 each month thereafter See any board-member to join.​ There is a picture of all board members here and on the  521 club office window.


Any Cancellations or Notices For The 521 Club Will be posted here on the Home Page
$10.00 MINIMUM