The 521 Club is a safe haven for the recovering community that is home
to different and completely
autonomous groups.

The 521 Club is a Drug and Alcohol free Non-Profit Organization.

We Need Your Support!
Consider Making a Donation Today!
All Donations are Tax Deductible!!

Fellowship, Meetings, Dances, and Special Events are just some of the activities available for you at
The 521 club.

Members enjoy access 24/7 to shoot pool, play cards, watch the games
on the big screen or just hang out
with people in recovery.

The 521 Club is a self supporting organization relying on it's membership and fundraisers.

Building is available for your event by donation-
see a Board Member for details
We received very little outside help in the form of donations or gifts.

Please help keep the doors open
Donate Today!

To Join The 521 Club
You must have 30 days sober
The cost is less then .33 a day
$25.00 for the first 3 months
$10.00 each month thereafter

See any board-member to join
There is a picture of all board members here and on the
521 club office window.

Newcomers may come to the club anytime, as long as there is a member present, up to 30 days, after that you need to join the club or you will be treated as a guest.

See Guest Policy for more information.


Any Cancellations or Notices For
The 521 Club
Will be posted here on the Home Page